Hexbug Nano Glow In The Dark Review by Chopsy Baby

Hexbug Nano Glow in the Dark Review by Chopsy Baby

We grabbed a couple of packets of Hexbug Nano Glow In The Dark from The Entertainer in Cabot Circus Bristol. They’re one of those products that look pretty cool, but are they any good?

The glow in the dark aspect is what first caught our eye. Anything under UV light, with the exception of bodily fluids at a murder scene, is great fun to play with.

The packet appears to show hexbugs with a glowing top and underbody. Disappointingly, the underside of the Hexbug doesn’t actually glow like it does in the picture. However, the toys are great fun but will need confining to a safe area as they move far very fast.

Hexbug Nano Glow in the dark review by Chopsy Baby
The Hexbugs on the packing definitely emit a glow, but ours didn’t.

The creatures moves around by the vibration of their body. This makes the toy ideal for people with sensory processing difficulties from age three years upwards.

The glow in the dark is strong on these toys. This makes them a fast moving, high visual contrast toy which also vibrates giving sensory feedback.

The packets were priced £4 each which is a great price considering the play and sensory value you can get from them.


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