Location of Mobile Police Speed Cameras in Bristol this week

The location of mobile speed cameras in Bristol this week – starting from Monday 19 September – will be in the following locations.

Avon and Somerset Police warn that enforcement may take place at any location within the Avon and Somerset Constabulary area.’

A3029 Winterstoke Road, Bristol (nr 82 Winterstoke Road) – 30mph
A37 Bristol Road, Bristol – 30mph
A37 Wells Road, Hengrove, Bristol – 30mph
A370 Coronation Road, Southville – 30mph
A38 Rupert Street/Bridewell Street/The Haymarket, Bristol (outside The Bridewell Police Station) – 20mph
A4 Bath Road, Hicks Gate – 40mph
A4 Brislington Hill, nr Runnymead Avenue – 30mph
A4 Portway near Hung Road – 40mph
A4 Portway, nr Portview Road – 30mph
A4162 Sylvan Way/Dingle Rd/Canford Lane – 30mph
A4174 Callington Road, Brislington, Bristol  – 30mph
A4174 Hengrove Way, nr Lakeshore Drive, Bristol – 40mph
A4174 Hengrove Way, nr Whitland Avenue, Bristol – 30mph
A420 Bell Hill Road/Two Mile Hill Road, St George – 30mph
A431 Air Balloon Road – 30mph
A431 Nags Head Hill – 30mph
A432 Fishponds Road, Easton (nr jct Freemantle Road) – 20mph
A432 Fishponds Road, Junction Royate Hill – 30mph
Allison Rd, Brislington (opposite Sherwell Road) – 30mph
Argyle Road, Mayfield Park – 30mph
Ashton Road, Bristol – 20mph
B3122 Bedminster Road – 20mph
B3122 Redcatch Road, Knowle – 20mph
B4465 Forest Road, nr Radley Road, Hillfields – 20mph
B4465 Whitehall Road, nr Whitehall Avenue, Whitehall – 30mph
Bishopsworth Road, Bristol – 20mph
Bishport Ave, Hartcliffe, Bristol no 2 – 30mph
Blackswarth Road, Bristol – 20mph
Brentry Lane, Brentry – 20mph
Broadwalk, Knowle West, Bristol – 20mph
Broomhill Road, Bristol – 30mph
Cadogan Road, Bristol – 20mph
Calcott Road, Knowle (nr 56 Calcott Road) – 20mph
Charlton Road, Brentry – 20mph
Constable Road, nr Crome Road, Lockleaze – 20mph
Coombe Lane, Stoke Bishop – 20mph
Donald Road, Bedminster Down – 20mph
Feeder Road, Bristol – 30mph
Four Acres, Withywood – 20mph
Great Hayles Road, Hengrove – 20mph
Hareclive Rd, Hartcliffe, Bristol – 30mph
Hazelbury Road, Whitchurch – 20mph
Hengrove Avenue, Hengrove, Bristol – 20mph
Hengrove Lane, Hengrove, Bristol – 20mph
Highbury Road, Bedminster – 20mph
Hillside Road, St George (nr Air Balloon Hill Primary School) – 20mph
Hungerford Road, Bristol – 20mph
Kellaway Avenue, Bristol – 30mph
Kingsway, St George – 20mph
Ladman Road, Stockwood – 20mph
M32, Severn Beach rail line overbridge to end of motorway southbound (MetroBus lane) – 40mph
Marksbury Road, Bedminster – 20mph
Marsh Lane, Bristol – 20mph
Old Sneed Avenue, Stoke Bishop – 20mph
Parson Street, Bedminster – 20mph
Petherton Road, Hengrove – 20mph
Plummers Hill, St George, nr Hudds Vale Road – 30mph
Portview Road, Shirehampton – 20mph
Queen’s Road, Bishopsworth, Bristol (Layby opposite 67 Queen’s Road) – 30mph
Raleigh Road, Southville, Bristol (no longer in use) – 20mph
Ridgeway Lane, Hengrove, Bristol – 30mph
Ridingleaze, Lawrence Weston – 20mph
School Road, Brislington – 30mph
Sea Mills Lane, Sea Mills – 20mph
Small Lane, Bristol – 20mph
Somerdale Avenue, Knowle, Bristol – 20mph
South Liberty Lane, Ashton Vale – 20mph
Stockwood Lane, nr Whitchurch Village sign, Stockwood – 30mph
Stoke Hill/Stoke Rdnr Saville Rd, Clifton – 30mph
Sturminster Road, Bristol – 30mph
Talbot Road, Bristol – 20mph
Tarnock Avenue, Hengrove – 20mph
Thicket Avenue, Fishponds – 30mph
Whitchurch Lane, nr Hawkfield Road, Bristol – 20mph
Whitehall Avenue, nr Alder Drive, Whitehall – 20mph
Whitland Road, Bristol (nr 104 Whitland Road) – 20mph
Whittucks Road, Hanham – 30mph
Wick Road, Bristol – 20mph
Wingfield Road, Bristol – 20mph
Winterbourne Road – 40mph

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