More Arson in St Jude’s High-rise Flats Bristol

Arson St Jude’s Flats Bristol:

Featured Image: Bedminster Fire Station

Crews from Bedminster Fire Station, were called to St Jude’s in the early hours of Sunday 31 March, after another arson attack at a high-rise block of flats.

Haviland House is a densely populated block, full of families and children. Residents are becoming fearful for their safety after the fifth incident in five months.


Bristol Somali Community Association voiced concerns in the past, believing this to be the around the eighth time this has happened in as many months. They say residents ‘don’t feel safe’.

In February 2019, the Association voiced concerns about repeated fires, a lack of security, lack of repairs and people accessing the buildings and communal areas that should not be there.


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