The Colston Statue M Shed Museum Display

The Colston statue continues to attract debate and opinion from its current resting place in the M Shed. Those peering into its resting place had plenty to say, with extremely polarizing views filling the air.

Colston is carefully led on his back, waiting in state for visitors to shuffle past. A dignity not afforded the victims of his slave trading. Almost like barriers obscuring an emergency incident, blank walls feature projections, opinions as well as some of the signs placed around the statue the day Bristol decided it was time to take action against the Colston stain on the city centre.

The £8,000 contract to display the statue, including its barrier and wall decoration went to Beaufort Bespoke Ltd. The exhibition entrance remains under the cautious eye of a security guard positioned discreetly near the doorway.

Whilst the museum is working on decolonising its collection, a painting of influential Bristol people from history hanging on the M Shed wall in another area of the museum features Edward Colston. He is listed as a ‘merchant and philanthropist’. The M Shed Twitter account promises that the painting’s label had been re-written but not yet published.

The Colston statue: What next? exhibition is on the first floor at the buildings furthest point. It’s included in museum entry – which must be booked in advance due to current Covid restrictions.

Colston statue: What next? will be at the M Shed until 05 September 2021. For more information or to book, visit:

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