Tourism Industry Must Become Accessible Government Says

It’s a staggeringly hypocritical call from the DWP, but nonetheless, their call for the tourism industry to improve disability access is a valid one.

The tourism industry is worth over £66 billion a year and employs 1.6 million people across UK heritage sites, holiday parks and tourist attractions.

The Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, Sarah Newton, said: “Enjoying all the experiences the UK has to offer with family and friends should be fun and enjoyable, but for many disabled people this can be a cause for disappointment and frustration.”

About as disappointing and frustrating applying for DLA and Pip for the one in five people who live with a disability or health condition in the country. But, the DWP is urging businesses to ensure disabled people’s ‘needs are catered to’.

Ways they say this could happen would be improving training on disability awareness and adapting facilities to make sure they can be accessed.

Chief Executive of Tourism for All and the government’s Sector Champion for Tourism, Chris Veitch said: “Making tourism more accessible not only improves travel opportunities for disabled people and many others with accessibility requirements, it can improve the quality of the visitor experience for everybody and help make the UK tourism offer more competitive.

There are more than 11 million disabled people in the UK with a combined spending power of their households, ‘the purple pound’, standing at around £250 billion.”

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