Wade Street Bristol Crime a Staggering Success

Bristol Crime Map:

Did you know you can check the crime committed in your area on an interactive crime map on the police website?

It does run a couple of months behind, but gives you a genuine picture of crime in your area.

Whilst we haven’t gone as far as creating a Top Ten Bristol Crime Areas, it would be difficult to find a road more dedicated to behaving badly than Wade Street.

In total, 176 crimes took place in Trinity, which is the policing area for St Judes. A total of 17 crimes were committed on Wade Street alone, which included: Antisocial Behaviour, Bicycle Theft, Burglary, Criminal Damage and Arson, Other Theft, Possession of a Weapon, Public Order and Violence and Sexual Offences.

Wade Street Crime Bristol

When looking at the first two minutes of our school run, it took in the locations of 25 crimes some of which were incredibly serious in nature. You can actually draw rings around specific locations on the crime map to bring up totals for targeted areas. When doing this, we found that 126 crimes took place in one month on our usual school run route. The statistics are fascinating and you can disappear down a real internet rabbit hole once you get started.

You can see the crimes that took place in your area by selecting your local area here: https://www.police.uk/avon-and-somerset/

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