Tried and Tested: FIT Fruit and Vegetable Wash

More so than at any other time during life, pregnant women should be making sure they get their five-a-day. More critically, mums-to-be must be extra vigilant when it comes to making sure their food is properly prepared.

Unwashed salad and vegetables could contain the listeria bacteria or the toxoplasmosis parasite, both of which can damage an unborn baby.

FIT Fruit and Vegetable Wash, removes 99.9 per cent more pesticides, dirt, contaminants and wax from fruit and vegetables than washing with water alone.

It is made from everyday food ingredients including grapefruit oil and citric juices to rinse food clean with no after taste or odour.

Mum-to-be Sophie Branning, from Bishopston, Bristol, tested out the Fit Antibacterial Fruit and Vegetables Wash.

Sophie says: “I rarely wash fruit when I buy it from the shops, lets face it, many people buying grapes will graze at them without a second thought about what could be on them.

“After I became pregnant I read about the harmful bacteria that could be found on fruit and veg and how I should be more careful about washing it. I’m afraid to say I didn’t change my habits all that much.

“Although I found the Fit product worked well enough and didn’t leave the after taste I feared it would, for my lifestyle I would find it a bit of a hassle to wash every item before eating. I know there are plenty of paranoid pregnant women out there who would love this kind of thing though.”

From £4.49