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Doctor Who David Tennant Filming in Bristol

David Tennant was back on set in Bristol this Thursday, to continue filming for Doctor Who’s sixtieth anniversary. He’d already carried out extensive filming the day before, including with predicted villain Neil Patrick Harris. The star drew in huge crowds of fans who arrived several hours early to watch the action unfold throughout the day.

Tennant was back for a second day alongside former companion Catherine Tate as Donna Noble. The pair, who could be seen laughing together between takes, were filming a 1920’s scene on Broad Street, complete with vintage props, cars and costumes. A specialist fire crew was in attendance to enable to production staff to film rainy scenes. This was presumably in connection with the Umbrella Shop, which had taken over one of a row of four commercial premises transformed for the filming.

Late in the evening, there was a rush by filming crew to assist Tate, who became a cropper whilst filming a running scene with Tennant. Despite falling hard to the ground, she was up and running again in no time.

We’ve uploaded a series of clips and photographs taken throughout the day featuring Broad Street being transformed into a 1920’s space, including rehearsals and takes from filming done throughout the afternoon and evening.

Two other things we clocked on Monday that appeared to be at the start of a transformation for filming – but we weren’t sure if they were connected to Doctor Who – was Holbeck House and Ironworks Supply Co.

One appears to be the Galloway Institute and the other an umbrella shop. They join Wards Solicitors who became Sanderson and Grainger alongside the toy shop – Mr Emporium – believed to be connected to Neil Patrick Harris’ character.

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